B. H. born1997 / GAG 97,5
Father: Law Society
Mother: Anzille
Coach: D. Richardson
Gruppe 1 Sieg WGZ-Bank Düsseldorf

Covering in Maucourt sur Orne, France


born 1991 / GAG 96,5
Father: Königsstuhl
Mother: Thea

Out of " Königsstuhl" an being that "Ticino" one of his ancestors, Twen achieved stuming results in the racing-season of 1994 and secured his place in the list of 1994's absolut best racehorses.

He impressively confirmed this, by winning the "Union Race" and "the 98th Fürstenberg Race", where he beat "Tikkanen". Once again Twen gave clear evidence of the great potential of the Erlenhof-Line!